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When you have an immigration problem, we are the solution.

Our Core Values

Our mission is to ensure that our clients receive affordable, yet zealous representation and attain the best results possible in each case. As an immigrant herself, Ms. Ellison can relate to her clients and advocates zealously on their behalf, as she really understands the importance of obtaining legal immigration status.

Ellison Law PC immigration lawyer New York

Practice Areas

Deportation & Removal Defense

We zealously advocate for people whose lives are at risk if they return to their home country. We also represent people who are in deportation proceedings.

Family Based Petitions

Green card holders and US citizens can file a petition for certain family members to live lawfully in the United States. This opportunity is available to qualifying family members living both inside and outside of the U.S.

Humanitarian Applications

We advocate zealously for people to access humanitarian protection. These clients need assistance because of disasters, emergency medical issues, parental neglect and/or abuse, and other emergency situations.

Ellison Law PC immigration lawyer in New York

Cathy-Lee Ellison, Esq.

Cathy-Lee Ellison is the founder of Ellison Law P.C. She is very passionate about helping immigrants and advocates zealously for each client she represents.

She has extensive experience practicing removal defense and general family-based immigration. Ms. Ellison also worked at the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General, where she attained invaluable litigation experience, and was selected to be a Deputy Attorney General.

Why Choose Us

Professional Team

Ellison Law, P.C., is comprised of a dedicated lawyer, Cathy-Lee Ellison, Esq., and  her support staff, who have experience, creativity and are very passionate about assisting immigrants.

Community Service

We have volunteered for a variety of causes, including multiculturalism, breast cancer awareness etc.

Great Price

We offer affordable prices, with quality, accessibility, and transparency, to ensure that all clients receive the best possible legal representation at a fair cost.

Great Legal Advice

Our attorney will always give you an honest assessment of your specific immigration issue.

Office Locations

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